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   Maximum Gross
Annual Income Limits
for Middlesex County, NJ

DCA2018 Low Inc Moderate
#Persons Maximum Maximum

Income Limits are subject
to change without notice.


American Dream

Middlesex County
American Dream
Downpayment Program


Minimum Income and Other Restrictions

There are minimum income threshold for rental units, which will be based on the rental rates once they are determined. Credit standards and other restrictions, as set forth by the landlord, will also apply to applicants for rental units.

The minimum income for sales units will be based, in part, on the applicant's ability to obtain mortgage financing for the unit if necessary.

Other restrictions will apply.



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IMPORTANT: All of the information contained on this site is provided as a courtesy to those seeking an affordable home. Piazza & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for any offers or errors contained herein.

Important Note

This material represents our best estimate of the affordable housing plan at this time.  It is provided to you for informational purposes only.  The plan and the income ranges are subject to change without notice.


There are affordable housing opportunities at a variety of new developments in Monroe Township, Middlesex County, including Tall Oaks at Monroe Manor, Stratford Village, Stratford Meadows and the Courts at Monroe. The newest opportunity is being developed as Stratford Terrace. At least one half of the affordable housing units in each of the components will be set aside for low-income families, while the balance is being be set aside for moderate income families.



Stratford Terrace

Stratford Terrace is a rental community which includes a set aside of 45 two- and three- bedroom affordable apartments. This is a brand new development for which a separate application is required. Click here for more information about Stratford Terrace.

Monroe Sales Include:

These following properties are completed and have been sold. They may be found for re-sale. Click here to see availability.

Tall Oaks Logo

TALL OAKS AT MONROE MANOR is a beautiful condominium community that includes 102 affordable sales homes and 25 affordable rental apartments. While there are a limited number of affordable homes for sale, many have been built and sold. This community includes both single story and two-story units. You may join the waiting list for future re-sale opportunities by clicking here .


STRATFORD MEADOWS is a condominium community in Monroe Township, that includes 38 affordable homes for sale. All of the units are single story. This neighborhood is brand new, so come and visit to experience the excitement. Click here to join the list for future opportunities at this development.

Courts at Monroe Logo

Courts at Monroe is a condominium community located in Monroe Chase. There are 26 sale units located in Courts at Monroe, that includes one-, two- and three- bedroom affordable homes.

Rental Community in Monroe


VILLAGE AT STRATFORD is a rental community with 61 one- and two- bedroom, age-restricted rental apartments that have been completed and are rented. These apartments are restricted to senior households, where at least one member of the household is 55 years or older and no-one in the household is under 48 years of age. There is currently a waiting list for this property. Click here for more information regarding the Village at Stratford.


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Additional low- and moderate- income sales and rental homes will be available at The Village at Stratford at a later date. We will provide details to you as they become available.

Questions? E-MAIL us at: Monroe@HousingQuest.com

Note:  Additional information about this  program, such as income eligibility, can be found on the application form.