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 Maximum Gross
Annual Income Limits
for Morris County, NJ

2019 Low Inc Moderate
#Persons Maximum Maximum

Income Limits are subject
to change without notice.



Piazza & Associates, Inc. is an affordable housing services firm, dedicated to assisting low- and moderate- income households find an affordable home in New Jersey.

Piazza & Associates, Inc.

Princeton Forrestal Village
   216 Rockingham Row
   Princeton, NJ 08540




IMPORTANT: All of the information contained on this site is provided as a courtesy to those seeking an affordable home. Piazza & Associates, Inc. is not responsible for any offers or errors contained herein.



Affordable Housing Opportunities in the
Borough of Lincoln Park

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Purchase Opportunities

There are over 135 sales units in the affordable housing program in Lincoln Park, which, from time to time, become available to qualified low- or moderate- income households. The sales prices are determined when the units are placed on the market by their owners. Maximum incomes apply. Minimum incomes are determined by the ability of the purchaser to obtain mortgage financing if necessary. Here is a list of the sales units by location and type.:

  • Hunting Meadows: 4 low-income age-restricted units.
  • Woodland Hills: 56 low- and moderate- income units.
  • Pine Brook Village: 64 moderate-income units
  • Pine Brook Village:13 low-income, age-restricted units (55+).


If you are interested in applying to purchase an affordable home in the Borough of Lincoln Park, please complete the Preliminary Application as soon as possible and fax or mail it directly to us, at:

Piazza & Associates, Inc.
216 Rockingham Row
Princeton Forrestal Village
Princeton, NJ 08540
Fax: 609-786-1105.

Within a reasonalbe amout of time, you will receive a letter of determination regarding your preliminary eligibility for the program. Applications will be processed on a "first come, first served" basis. So don't delay! Return your application today!

You can also request a Preliminary Application be mailed to you by sending us an e-mail at LincolnPark@HousingQuest.com.


Resources for Owners of Affordable Homes
in the Borough of Lincoln Park

For assistance in calculating the current Maximum Resale Price and Maximum Refinancing Amount of your affordable home click here.